Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Citation Needed

  • There appears to be a widespread belief that bloggers should refrain from making wild guesses about general public opinion.
  • A new study confirms this belief and proposes that blog articles should always refer to proper research and include full citations.
  • The authors recently demonstrated that citations are especially useful while referring to the latest research.
  • The citations might as well be probably useful while making suggestions that are likely to be somewhat vague.
  • Trivial remarks, of course, do not need a citation (Iry-Hor 3100 BCE).
  • As a popular example of citation etiquette, the authors point to Wikipedia—a relatively unknown encyclopedia available on computers connected to the Internet.
  • The study is consistent with more than six years of research which has shown that authors who do not provide citations are unaware of more than six years of research.
  • I sincerely hope that the authors’ names are forever remembered for their important contribution.

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